A-cero TECH

Santa Cruz de Marcenado 2 Bajo 1 28015 Madrid ( Spain )

About A-cero TECH

A-cero TECH modular architecture system
After years of research. The A-cero architecture studio directed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares presented its prefabricated house designs with its own construction system in 2009. In that year, the first A-cero Tech modular home was installed in Madrid

In these 10 years, A-cero Tech has built more than 150 homes, a hospital center, a primary school… Making the dream of many people come true. This modular architecture system is based on the principles of Industrialized Construction. In it, the same standardization, modularity, technology, quality control and timing procedures are applied to construction that are applied to many other fields of human activity, the most obvious example being the production of automobiles, with more than one hundred years of Henry Ford’s chain production approaches.

The advantages of the same, with production in the workshop and assembly on site, much shorter times and more specialized labor, increase the results in terms of quality and price of the final product not comparable with traditional construction, also requiring greater control of the initial phases of design, since absolutely everything must be designed and controlled in advance, there is no room for improvisation.

A-cero Tech has its own factory where all its own projects as well as those of other architects have been prefabricated. Private clients, institutions, large developers, other architecture professionals are the source of the orders received.

Another important advantage is respect for the environment. By minimizing on-site work, the environment is respected, less waste is generated and inconvenience is minimized.

A-cero Tech has been committed for 10 years to popularize design and constructive quality in architecture, and that this is not relegated to a cultural and economic elite.

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